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Madison Family Documentary Photographer PIN

Family Documentary, also known as Storytelling, is my most favorite type of session. It focuses more on the details around you to help establish time and place. We delve more into the grit of your everydayness and get comfortable living authentically. What I put in your hands later is nothing short of The Gift of the Ordinary Day.

Here are some recent family documentary sessions:

Middleton Family Documentary Photographer | Ordinary Sunday

Nothing beats an ordinary morning in your family’s life–whatever that may hold! Just capturing your time

Madison Family Documentary Photographer |12# Watermelon

The light flickered and filtered its way through the trees on a late August evening. The sun was setting earlier, the

Madison Family Documentary Photography | First Day of Kindergarten Story

The Night Before First tooth is out! I’m utterly charmed that the girls are as enamored with Cabbage Patch Kids

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | Sunday Morning Pancakes

Goodness. Such goodness in these beautiful people, this welcoming home, this nourishing breakfast, this ordinary Sunday

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | Toddler Life

Crinkled yellow leaves scatter up the red brick drive, while some neighborhood kids buzz by on scooters. The rhythmic

Madison Documentary Wedding Photographer | Mendota Lake House and Sardine

The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.

Madison Engagement Photographer | Dinner & Cake

xo, Jen Beautifully Ordinary is a trademark of Jen Lucas Photography, LLC.

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | An Ordinary Saturday

The autumn air was light and crispy, exactly the way fall air is supposed to be. A few fallen leaves scattered up the

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | Saturdays at Home

Joy comes to us in moments – ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the

Madison Family Photographer | Home For The Weekend

We wanted to simultaneously document their today as grown (and amazing!) sister & brother & his lovely new

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | Late Summer Sundays

From a long blue tether attached to the front porch, Chelsea bounces forward to greet me. Not yet 9 o’clock, the

Madison Family Photographer | All Within 200 Yards

The late summer light dripped off the trees and filtered into the warm backyard. Barefooted, Conrad gleefully padded

Madison Family Photographer | A Summer’s Night On Lake Kegonsa

I want to live in the land of lakes where the great waves break & the night runs into the day. -Lord Huron Tammy

Madison Family Photographer | Summer Saturdays

Stella cheerfully guides her bike next to Emily & Stephen’s on the spacious rack and then unsnaps her grape,

Madison Family Photographer | Strawberry Fields to Ice Cream Bowl

It was a pretty spontaneous decision to load the car in our ‘it’s ok to get muddy’ attire (who am I

Madison Family Documentary Photographer | At Home

I’m over the moon to find you in your own home…your own special space. Recently someone asked me to

Madison Photographer | 40 For 40

Beautifully Ordinary is a trademark of Jen Lucas Photography, LLC.

Saturday Mornings | madison family photographer

A beautifully ordinary Saturday morning for this lovely family was spent making pancakes, sharing stories, playing the

Family Documentary | madison photographer

What makes a session with me different than from what you’ve done before or heard about? I can point to several

Saturdays|Madison Lifestyle Photographer

Head down, William intensely focuses on snapping Lego pieces together while snow falls ever so lightly outside the